the act of being pearled refers to the act of a guy cumming on the neck or lower leck of a girl. Being "pearled" usually happens after the action of titfucking.
After she squeezed her big tits around his hard cock and he titfucked her, he pearled her.
by Me November 14, 2003
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To roll a blunt with great skills and perfection !
Ofn I just pearled this bitch.
Where's the lighter?
by Tsblauren April 24, 2018
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When a man ejaculates on a man or women’s neck creating the appearance of a pearl necklace.
β€œDude! I totally pearled Sally last night. She looked classy AF.”
by Cannikay February 23, 2018
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Used to describe when an autograph is placed on a baseball, for a reason that makes no sense probably made up by prepubescent autograph hounds, the unemployed or virgins that chase clout instead of women
Damn bro Juan Soto pearled my baseball. Short signature under the Rawlings Logo
by Autographs101 April 27, 2020
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