The Soccer Mom's version of Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon. EVERY show on it has to be "educational", and unfortunately not usually in an enjoyable way.
Bill: There's plenty of good cartoons on. Disney, Nick, PBS Kids. . .
Bob: You seriously watch PBS Kids?
by El Squibbonator June 15, 2014
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Granola Cartoon Network. If you grew up watching PBS kids your from somewhere like Chicago Land or the Bay Area, you definitely had a vegetable garden, and your stay at home mom or dad would walk you to elementary school with a nature valley bar and annie’s gummies packed in a re-useable snack pack.
-what was you’re favorite show when u were little?
~hmm i loved the dinosaur train, idk if u know it
-never heard of it
~ yea i watched pbs kids growing up
-oh, yep that explains a lot. i bet ur parents didn’t let u watch sponge bob either.
by K:D April 17, 2021
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If you had no cable you had PBS Kids a station with good morals and teaches 3 year olds how to add.
Tyler : Dude have you seen the episode of Arthur on PBS KIDS
ME : Yeah Dude! I’m so glad Arthur punched D.W
by Ilikeschool24 March 17, 2020
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A dumbass channel for soccer moms. Forcing kids to watch gay ass shows like Thomas and Friends, Arthur, Cyberchase and other bullshit.
PBS Kids is so fucking gay. Remember when kids watched badass cartoons like Thundercats, Swat Kats, hell even Road Rovers. Better than any bullshit on PBS KIDS.
by Redumblox June 25, 2017
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When someone oddly becomes obsessed with everything that has to do with PBS Kids.
Hey TK, I think you are "The overly obsessed PBS Kid."
by sclimmim May 31, 2019
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That kids TV that yo mama likes and that ur frend likes and u should like it 2 go to
PBS Kids TV channel yo mama frend 2
by infinio April 11, 2022
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