It is where you create a space between a stranger and yourself so nobody that you don't know will sit next to you
I had to use a seat cushion because I was the first one to go into the row at the movie theater
by Grimmlife November 25, 2016
1. To borrow your friends car and drive it naked

2. To borrow your friends car, lift the seat cover, take a dump on the drivers seat, and pull the seat cover back over the seat.

3. Taking a dump in another's anus
" how was Dave's car?"
" good I gave him a Stinky Seat Cushion tho"
by NFA Stove January 7, 2012
The reluctance to stand up at a sports event caused by the fear of changing the orientation of a perfectly positioned seat cushion.
Eli: That was a sick play. Chest bump!
Jake: Dude, it took me an hour to get comfortable.
Karl: Same here. I've got about six cushions in the perfect position.
Eli: You guys suck... Damn seat cushion hesitation.
by pandamonger September 21, 2009