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ussaly refers to a hot exotic girl who is hit on alot but never really has a set relationship. She is like no other girl you have ever meant, her body is just right, not anarexic or a fat ass. she is perfect in most peoples eyes and is enveyed greatly. she is also tough and wont take crap from anybody.
"what was the name of the girl you were talking to last night?"
"oh, her name is pava"
"no shit, shes really hot"
"ya, and she also stands up for herself"
"is she a keeper?"
"nah, just like a one night flare."
by horser April 28, 2009
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Pava is the actual acronym for Performing Arts Visual Arts.
Girl: "hey what classes are you taking?"

Boy: " Oh just some Pava "

Girl: " I wanna have your babies ! "

Jill was very interested in the college's Pava curriculum.
by pavagrrll September 02, 2009
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