This much used word, coming from the Surinamic language, means "shoe". There's even a shoestore called "pattas".
by Daniël April 12, 2005
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Good, Damn literally means 'fucking good'
Food was patta( food was super tasty)
She is patta looking( she looks damn good)
by ntwobike June 24, 2018
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Short term for the word Pattacake of Guyanese origin
meaning female genitalia or someone being a "scaredy cat"
"Ay gal go wash yuh patta!"
"bai stop going on like a patta!"
by GTGyal August 19, 2009
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means "sneakers" or "shoes"

also famous from : Holland’s No. 1 Sneaker Store "Patta"
You: Have you bought any pattas lately?
Me: No, but they do have some nice pairs.
by letterM February 24, 2011
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Another word for pregnancy or the state of being pregnant. Derived from "pitter patter of little feet".
"Hands off. No way am I getting pitta patta a week before graduation."
by smellyleaf October 11, 2007
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Dutch slang for awesome kicks.
''Wooooow are those J's?"
-"Yes these are my newest patta's"
by 24Kgoldengurl January 30, 2018
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Means soccer shoes. Pattas means shoes.

Used on the dutch street.
Look at this fresh ballie pattas.

Dutch: Kijk deze ballie pattas.
by Diffinnattorr October 10, 2020
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