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A parasitic type of hipster from a more "well to do" background of overly healthy living. Known for taking over once quiet, older, urban neighborhoods and shopping districts. They typically push the previous inhabitants out, replacing their tattoo and record shops with art bars and health food markets.Defining features include overpriced activewear and jogging strollers.
"We used to spend a lot more time on south Broadway before the Patagonians moved down here."
by Willie McCoy October 28, 2015
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A college reminiscing bloke or broad in their late 20s and early 30s who spend the majority of their time in trendy beer gardens and coffee shops. They can be spotted in groups lavishly recollecting about their drunken college experiences while their toddler runs rampant. Usually seen wearing a Patagonia sweater or shirt to signal others of their "sophistication" and "adulting" lifestyle. Don't be fooled however, they are only pretending to be grown up.
Hey dude, look at that patagonian puking in the bushes. Wait is that his child in the middle of the street? Where is the childs mother? Oh there she is, buying another beer...Patagonians...
by Pursegrabber June 08, 2018
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