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A radio band that has electrical noise from lights,weak signal beacons, and weak foreign overseas broadcasts most of the time between 150 kHz to 519 kHz on your shortwave radio with LW.
There is nothing on the Long wave radio to listen to because of the buzzing noise from the next door neighbors apartment.

by gccradioscience September 20, 2008
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A small battery operated light that is not that bright enough and is the only light you have to rely on during a hurricane party for 2 days. And you're hoping that the battery does not go dead during the hurricane party. Also did not light to whole room. a crappy lantern.

During a hurricane the power was out and all I had was a hurricane party light at night for 2 days.

by gccradioscience September 20, 2008
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Federal Communications Commission.

An agency that monitors and inspects radio and tv communications for bad indecent language and things that don't follow their rules and regulations that do not conform with the ITU or NAB. Also shuts down pirate radio stations, and fines ham radio stations for using too much power or interfering with the neighbors television set. Also
does not solve interference problems for fluorescent light bulbs and BPL, stereos and VCRs. Also gives freedom to have at least a low power radio station under part 15 regulations to open the doors for children to adults to have a very small radio station for the home. Also gives licenses to hams, broadcasters, and GMRS users.
Pirate radio station running more than 10 watts was shut down by the FCC for interfering with the nearby country music FM radio station.
by gccradioscience September 20, 2008
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