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Creeping on someone's facebook profile. Usually someone that you never speak to, only hear about and see in the hallways. Facebook stalking usually requires having set rounds, or in other words certain profiles that you like to visit each day. You read everything on the new's feed avidly. If someone's status is dramatic, you quickly click over to their page to see if you can find the cause. Changed relationship statuses bring you joy. Somehow a quick trip onto facebook turns into a three hour stalk fest of people that you only distantly know.
Hey, did you do your homework last night?
No, I was too busy facebook stalking.
by Steven Waterdog the Third March 22, 2010

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To try the patience of a certain individual who you know can't be tried son.
Alex, if you don't stop testing Jessica, she's going to burn your face with a bagel!
by Steven Waterdog the Third June 02, 2010

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When something stupid, embarrassing, or simply unacceptable is done at a party. Examples of this include spilling beer, breaking a lamp, throwing up, getting so drunk that you scoot on the floor in just your boxers, choking on a shot, ect.
Hey, can Alex come on Friday?
Naw man, he'll probably party foul again.
by Steven Waterdog the Third March 22, 2010

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