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noun; one who drives round and round a parking lot, stalking pedestrians in the hopes of snagging their space. Can also be used as a verb: park sharking.
"There's one! There's one! Come on, we gotta park shark that girl; she's three feet from the door."
by Pentacookie October 30, 2007
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A "Park Shark" is a woman who goes to skate park - without a skateboard - to court typically male skaters. They will sit on stair sets, ledges, and rails blocking the path for fellow skaters. The Park Shark uses a special technique when courting skaters; they will approach their prey and ask what tricks they can do, whether or not the skater actually lands the trick the Park Shark will act amazed followed by more flirting, etc. Anyone who's see's a park shark or is approached by one should migrate to a larger group of skaters as Park Sharks are known to only prey on individuals. A skate park that contains a large herd of Park Sharks is known as a Shark Park.
Yo dude you wanna hit the down rail next to the set?

Can't man, some park sharks gettin on that guy and the bitch won't move!

shit son!

yeah... should we truck fuck em?

by pooptrack May 02, 2011
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