The act of fellating any animal found in the African plains; Giraffe, Zebra, African Elephant, Hyena, Cape Buffalo, etc etc...
The Cape Buffalo bucked and grunted when Christian approached the wild beast with his moist lips and began to Parisi it.
by Matt80 February 8, 2007
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Persistence. When turned down by a female or male, but one does not give in, instead, persists in their adventure. Thy shall not give up.
“Bro she got a boyfriend, but that ain’t gonna stop me. Persistence is key.”
Ah yes, embrace your inner Parisi-ing. It shall turn out well for you, as it did the patient zero of Parisi-ing.”
by YTB - Yeah The Boys November 19, 2019
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Big cock eater mf dude, no sex mf, he cock delicious ñam ñam
Luisi parisi
by Xx_Cockmaster69_xX December 14, 2022
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A drinking game similar to Edward forty hands, in which you take 3 to 4 beer cans and grab them with both hands. Then a person duct tapes the cans to your hands and you drink the beers.
I wanna get shitfaced tonight, let's play Parisi Hands.
by TheManHimself45 October 17, 2010
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A sexy mf with a 14 inch dick, he is very nice and he doesn't fight but if he fights then he kills every mf and i quote like the daredevil dog, he is the main character in life, doesn't get many chicks because he isn't good with them! He ain't gay but he is lonely
Oh my gosh, look at parisis he's so cute but he still ain't the one for me
by Cuteassmf69 November 23, 2021
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