When you're in another city and you go in a bar with the sole intention of sleeping with somebody just so you have a place to stay.
Joy: So, which hotel are you staying at in Boston?
Steve: Actually, I think I'll just go paratrooping this time.
by nameless-baby December 5, 2008
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Similar to the concept of paratroopers designed by the military to be dropped behind enemy lines, knowing that they will fight harder when they have no option to retreat, paratrooping is when you go to a bar in another city intentionally not having a place to stay that night, because you will work harder if you have no choice but to go home with a girl.
"I really wanted to trade up to a hotter girl, but I had to take the sure thing because I was paratrooping"
by charmdlife February 7, 2013
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{n} elite soldier who jumps from aircraft over battlefield. Average age is 18-21, male, highly trained and motivated to kill. Is usually heavily armed. Generally badass motherfuckers.
Also known as: Vertical envelopment shock trooper

{ant} LEG
Look at that crazy fucker killing all those enemies! He must be a paratrooper!
by Dirty Black Rob September 19, 2005
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After flying in from out of town, the act of foregoing a hotel room and going straight to the bar with the sole intention of hooking up with someone so you have a place to stay for the night
"I hear you're going to Vegas this weekend. Where are you staying?"

"Not sure yet. The boys and I are paratrooping it straight from the airport."

by Dougie Fresh55 November 25, 2008
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Hooking up with someone so you have a place to stay when you visit from out of town. Also known as "banging for roof"

(Made famous by the How I Met Your Mother episode "The Naked Man")
I didn't have a place to stay at Dewey Beach, so I went "Paratrooping" for girls at The Starboard.
by Homeless Jeff December 4, 2008
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A soldier that has gone through Airborne School, and has jumped one time for each letter in the term "Airborne Paratrooper." After these 19 jumps, one can consider themselves a novice paratrooper that has earned the partial respect of seasoned vets.
Many people go through the school and never jump again. Refer to the term "five jump chump"
SPC Johnson: "Get out of here leg! Right, Williams? Stupid legs."

SPC Williams: "How many jumps do you have?"

SPC Johnson: "5. I did Airborne School and now I'm a paratrooper."

SPC Williams: "You're not a paratrooper. You 5 jump chumps always act like heroes."
by airborne2000 November 30, 2012
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Soldier who is trained to jump out of perfectly good airplanes, for the purpose of inserting in enemy territory away from the heavy defenses around national borders and the front lines.
Paratroopers are pretty helpless during the airdrop, but their strength is in putting force in an area that isn't expecting it or prepared to react.
by C++ June 3, 2006
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