Pants with a built in rip cord which reveals your member to adoring ladies
I put a huge smile on her face when i did the "parachute pant dance of the exotic panda" on her.
by Davey G April 29, 2004
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Noun: Pants that can protect you from dieing after trying to commit suicide off of a very high building.
1.I jumped off a building but durvived from my parachute pants.
2. Im Sean and i wear parachute pants.
by Dan Solomon April 16, 2003
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A rather torn up vagina that has been pounded so many times it now resembles a pair of parachute pants. Also, See: Wizards Sleeves
1: Look at that hottie!
2: No way, dude. Stay away from that shit.
2: I hear she has some nasty parachute pants.
by Windowless April 18, 2010
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