having sex with someone who you don't find attractive, resorting to a magazine to quicken the process
- How was last night?

+Core mate! not good. waited till the end of the night to pick up a girl who was rough. brought her home and had to Paper-back her ass!!
by Semafor` August 11, 2010
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Correct name for "Pocket Book", we just used to it. But it is incorrect.
In a bookstore..

Me: Where can I find pocketbooks in this bookstore?

Lady: No,young lady. Pocket book is a particular name, the

common noun for it is Paper Back. You can choose what you

want in that section behind the door.
by cheska November 9, 2006
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Taking a book out of someone's bookcase and preceeding to deficate (shit) between two of the pages and then placing it back on the shelf. A.K.A. "The Ultimate Bookmark."
"Jimmy Jillikers!!!" Harvey exclaimed as Otis paper back flaniganed his copy of "The Great Gatsby."
by Don Everest April 3, 2005
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When you tear so many papers apart that it starts to affect you back
I’ve been ripping apart so many papers that my back and arm are killing me who needs the gym when you got that am I right paper back pain!!!
by Tranny Sammy March 25, 2019
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1) someone who gives you something as a gift and randomly take it back

2)something to randomly put in front of the word "hoe" to make it sounds cooler
ex 1: yo that paper back hoe took back my 20 kt. necklace

ex 2: yo that bitch is a paper back hoe for sho
by c-bizzle 92 January 27, 2007
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to smack one's behind with a soft cover college textbook while they are on all fours
Billy: "Sarah's so kinky man, she's into paper backing"
Josh: "Which textbook did you use?"
Billy: "The calculus one, man"
Josh: "Hot"
by asdfmaker April 26, 2018
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