The big cheese respect to the big man.
Yo, whats cracking pap smurf.

ey papa smurf don't be hatin.

papa smurf always keeps hes pimp hand strong.
by Dum Dum knock you out February 15, 2009
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Term used to refer to the current Chapter Master of the Ultramarines Space Marine Chapter, Marneus Augustus Calgar.
You heard that jackass Matt Ward says Papa Smurf is the "spiritual liege" of all Space Marines? Man, that's just bullshit.
by Filthy Landlubber May 21, 2015
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An Alcoholic beverage containing 1/2 Blue Jolt, 1/2 Kool-Aid, and what ever alcohol you prefer, works best with vodka.
"I can't remember anything from last night, I was drinking papa smurfs all night."
by Scoops! January 20, 2010
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When a daddy slaps his daughter in the face with his dick.
That sick fucker probably papa smurfs his daughter.
by Kriegh January 07, 2005
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A papa smurf is when you are getting head from a female and you stick your dick in a bucket of dark blue paint. Then you precede to cock slap the bitch with it right in her face time after time to get the full smurf effect. After this is done, the male will then bring out some pubes that were died white and cut recently. You will throw it on the girls face and apply the white beard to the female by using your own homemade glue, your cum. The Papa Smurf is very pleasurable and is reccomended for people everywhere. The Papa Smurf is great for those who enjoy a good Abraham Lincoln. Once you go blue, you know what to do. The Papa Smurf is a timeless classic.
A Papa Smurf is when you make the girls face blue and give her a homemade beard. Not reccomended for people over 65 because the experience may induce an instant heart attack due to the greatest sexual experience in their old lives.
by Papa Matt April 06, 2006
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the meth cook who receives pseudo from the smurfs, or people that are paid or exchanged with meth for pseudo from cvs
papa smurf is getting some pseudo from the smurfs
by ihateallzeblacks August 23, 2012
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the ultimate pimp daddy, usually in their 40s with a beer belly.
i solicit my body and give the money to papa smurf and he takes care of me
by STEVEN THA numba one stunna February 03, 2004
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