A place were all the Mexicans have been dumped that is sorrounded by mountains to create a bowl like structure in order to drown them when there is heavy rain. (since mexicans are too stupid to learn how to swim, and to cheap to pay for swimming lessons)
"You know what we need?
A Panorama City to get rid of all these Mexicans
by PapaKingKitty March 8, 2011
Panorama city is a ghetto/ratchet city in the Los Angeles county mostly mexicans and black people live here no gringos or chinos. Most of Panorama is territory of the Blythe Street Gang (BST) and rivial gang Columbus Street Gang. Schools are wack and ratchet. Full of druggies and hobos and drug dealers. It’s a garbage city that always has chisme on every corner and fights and violence such as domestic violence.
Guy 1 : Where you from ese
Guy 2 : Panorama city carnal
Guy 1 : Me to ese
by Stoner98 August 30, 2018
City stuck in the 1950s. It’s actually the valley hipsters big secret...
Did you see that cute house in panorama city with the drought tolerant front yard and solar panels?
Panorama city looks like it was built in the ‘50s and got stuck.
by Hipkitch May 19, 2020
Panorama City is in SVF(san fernando valley).It is bordered by Mission Hills on the north, Arleta on the northeast, Sun Valley on the east, Van Nuys on the south, and North Hills on the west. Has a mall which is small,kinda wack. A swamp meet . nd A High school(panorama high) Middle skool(Vista) elementrys . ITs a pretty chill city we got theaters ,home depot(all the beaners at)in-n-out etc all that crap.There are mostly latinos, mexicans(VIVA LA RAZA) not much niggas,Few gringos,chinos,Its one of the cities that is ghetto in the valley.

GuY1: ey vato wer u frum
Guy2: From Panorama

Guy2: 0ralee carnal same here
panorama cityghettoesegeemallpaleterosfv
by TwistedGee December 26, 2011
The use of Panorama Drive in Bakersfield, CA to ventilate one's vehicle after smoking marijuana.
Connor and I had to do a panorama air out after smoking that fat blunt.
by purplethunder420 December 31, 2010