The richest, fanciest, whitest, clasist, neighbourhood in all of Kansas. Built by republicans for republicans. Full of huge masions that basically resemble versaille. The people who live in them are completely out of touch with the common man, and their cops are total assholes.
Joe: So, what ever happened to the American middle class?
Jenny: Ask the people who live in Mission Hills.
by UN~MUDO~POCO August 29, 2016
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Great show on Adult Swim that was replaced by Pee Wees Playhouse
Can you believe that Mission Hill was taken off the air for Pee Wees Playhouse?
by J79P July 26, 2006
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A great and funny show that is better than Family Guy and South Park. It was replaced by Pee Wee Freakin Herman. This show should be put back on the air.
Mission Hill> South Park
by Rotten Core515 August 24, 2006
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A great adult cartoon made by the same guy who made Ren and Stimpy.
<Andy> There, I said 'ass'! Are you gonna go and taddle to mom now?!
by Alan Lam August 24, 2003
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Great Animated Show, with great characters. Ranks up there with Family Guy
Mission Hill PWNS you
by JAKAS April 3, 2004
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A badass show they used to put on Adult Swim until those FUCKIN' BASTARDS replaced it with Pee Wee Fuckin' Herman, who wuz replaced with a whole lot of other shit I don't wanna talk about. So there. Adult Swim got rid of the one thing that gave me something to do @ 12:30am Alaska time! Just cuz they're obviously racist against Mexicans!
Person1: Oh my god! They cancelled Mission Hill!
Person2: *is crying* You fuckin' bastards!
by I forgot it January 14, 2007
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When having aggressive cowgirl sex, and the woman cuts a long bubbly fart on the man’s ball bag, creating the sound of a motorboat taking off from shore. Often times caused by pre-game Asada Fries and initiated by a twist of the niplets.
Bro #1: “Hey how was your date with the girl from Florianos?”

Bro #2: “No Bueno, she tirado in pedo on my huevos rancheros

Bro #1: “The Mission Hills Motorboat!”
by Gaysofthunder69 February 22, 2021
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