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One of the first enimies you encounter in the video game Phantasy Star Universe. The are also one of the weakest monsters in the game. They are also known as Walking Crack, Midget Strippers, and Gang Bangers.
Tim: *Dies*
Dante: "Tim did you get owned by a Pannon?"
Tim: "yes..."
Dante: "Im not reviving you"
*True Story*
by Crosier January 03, 2008
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one of the most annoying creatures on phantasy star universe found on the guardians colony. Other known as walking crack, midgit strippers wearing underwear, and gang bangers (especially when found in a S rank mission when they are del pannon)
Tim: *dies*
Dante: Tim did u just get owned by a Pannon?
Tim: its not my fault they gang banged me
Dante: im not resurecting you cuz your pathetic
Tim: It's not by fault the gang bangers gang banged me
Dante: they were PANNONS!!!!!
*true story*
by Crosier December 31, 2007
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One of the first creatures you fight in the MMORPG video game: Phantasy Star Universe. It is pathetic if you get killed by it or "pwned/owned" for it moves very slow. They are also called Gang Bangers (because they are always in groups), walking crack bags, and midget strippers wearing speedos.
Tim: *dies*
Tyle: Did you get pwned by that pannon, Tim?
Tim: It gang banged me
Tyler: im not gonna revive you
by Crosier January 06, 2008
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