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Pankaj is a male given name, common in India to the Hindus. It has its roots in the Sanskrit word pankaj which means a lotus flower. This consists of two words, pank + aj. panka=mud, ja=born; the actual meaning is lotus which is born in mud and blossoms after arising from mud.
he lotus flower, or pankaj is also the national flower of India.
What a pretty Pankaj.

Pankaj smells likes so sweet
by ass108 January 14, 2012
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A person who makes Precious Pancakes. He is a reliable friend/brother. He's done a big oof. xD
Don't pull a "Pankaj".

That guy is such a "Pankaj".
Wowie, i've spotted a wild "Pankaj"
by OofMan100 May 12, 2019
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