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Known to be able to dance well on the spot. Is a key monster, stealing pool keys without realizing it. Neeraj is the sub god of sundays. Is an emotional man who enjoys listening to Taylor Swift. He can also desquise himself well to look like a white FBI man (known as Neera Kahanns then)
"Damn, look over there, it's Neeraj, the sub god of sundays.

Yeah i know, I've heard he can dance well"

"shit where are my keys!?

I think the FBI man Neera took them"
by zoec April 18, 2010
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Tiniest motherfucker you'll know in your group. A very good cook and lady pleaser. He'd be the first one to sweep your girl off his feet if you don't keep him in check. He also goes by many other names. Usually gay.
Me: Did you talk to neeraj?
Fren: Tikkul, you mean?
Me: No, neeraj.
Fren: Oh nope, he's busy charming that married lady in his office.
by Andha January 10, 2019
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1. to toot ones own horn in an irrelevant situation (sometimes literally)
2. A man that isn’t funny. He tries to be funny but he really isn’t. He tries too hard to impress other people and fails each time. Usually gay
Person 1: Who is that guy always trying to talk to me?
Person2 : Oh thats neeraj
Person1: What a faggot
by Anonymousecatdog March 15, 2019
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