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A name given to boys in the Indian Subcontinent. In Sanskrit, it means Compassion and/or Hope. Also the name of the author of the book "The Teenagers Guide to the Universe".
Ever heard of Karun? Yeah, that dude wrote a book about Cosmology at the age of 16!
by ThatBadassOnline March 26, 2017
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A grammar maniac; gets an orgy every time he corrects someone.
Normal person- Me and my friends are going to go to----

Karun- (Interrupting) My friends and I you dumbass!

Karun- Yeah bitch; (sex sounds).
by retarded snail February 22, 2010
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Karun is an Tamil/Sanskrit word that means sympathy or caring. The people who are named Karun will mostly be single, but few of them are lucky if they could find a girl named with the starting letters as C,A,H,R,M. Karun is really charming and takes real good care of the people that he loves the most.
Karun , Karun get that for me will you?
by Paul Ashley omen May 02, 2018
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