Something is like pancakes when it is all exciting at first, but by the end your fuckin sick of em.
Man the movie was like pancakes- Pancakes originally a joke by the late great Mitch Hedberg
by kadoogan September 12, 2005
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(Football terms) When an offensive lineman gets under the defensive lineman and knocks him flat on his back, flat as a pancake.
Quarterback: "Nice blocking today."

Lineman: "Thanks, did you see me pancake that guys ass?"
by Hungry_Jack May 17, 2010
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something/someone that is really really flat
Damn look at that girl her ass is a pancake!@#$%
by BrEe November 27, 2003
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when a girl has a flat ass
Darryn: Cj look-a-dat bitch righ der, she aint got no ass
Cj: hell yee, she got pancakes
by Shmeckledwarf April 27, 2008
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