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Miss California 2009.

A woman who claims that she is a good Christian by standing up to the devil by saying she didn't believe in gay marrige at the Miss America pagent.
Christians: Carrie Prejean is a good example to follow! She stood up for her beliefs and stood up for God even though she would lose the crown and get harrassed by liberals everywhere!

Me: I don't normally see good Christians prancing around a stage wearing a skimpy bikini with breast implants in a beauty pagent where the physical body is idolized in front of millions of people. I am also pretty sure that most good Christians don't pose for semi-nude photos, then act all shocked when they are leaked to the press. I smell hypocrisy.

Christian: But she stood up for whats right!

Me: But does she have the right state of mind? Has she really been living her life the way the bible would want her to live? Would you want YOUR daughter showing off her body like that and posing for semi-nude photod?

Christian: Thats different! The point is she stood up for whats right!

*actual conversation between me and this Christian kid at school*
by VoldemortsNipple May 15, 2009
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A Carrie Prejean is a wicked anti-homosexual lying slutbag trapped in a beautiful woman's body. Also see bitch
If you searched up Carrie Prejean to find the perfect example of a huge waste of physical beauty, you've searched up the right name.
by Woger Wabbit May 15, 2009
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