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Parenting Forum on
Where can I talk to other parents about topics unrelated to parenting and have a good laugh?

by Beetlejuicehere April 29, 2008
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A forum full of bitter moms.
If you are different then them you are hated.
If you stick up for yourself, you are a bitch.
If you are young, you are a slut.
If you are single, you are a slut.
If you are pretty, you are a huge slut.
If you are bored, check them out on craigslist forum
Some good things to discuss there would be:
breast feeding.
every link to autism and a.d.d.
abortion(which rocks btw)
yahoo live.
organic food.
any business of someone elses that shouldn't be yours.
illegal immigrants.
sahm vs. working
preschool vs. daycare.
potty training.
and, they give great advice about how to handle scary things, like fevers and great youporn links.
check them out
"I went to wal-mart the other day and forgot my wallet. My daughter said 'but mom, how are you gonna pay-fo alll that?'"
although, some pronounce pafo p-fo. pah-fo. and pay-fo.
by pafoer April 29, 2008
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Medical term used in ERs for drunk people who have caused themselves injury. Stands for "Pissed And Fell Over"
I read my mate's chart. Under condition it had "PAFO". I laughed.
by Mr Yardsale August 19, 2012
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A Parenting Forum on Craigslist

Where you may talk about anything and everything. Normally it involves everything BUT parenting topics.

The forum has its usual trolls as well. Under normal conditions, everyone is a troll.
What is Pafo?

It is a place where old and young parents alike come to disagree on everything. IE Hen House
by SuzyCankleMeat October 03, 2009
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This means "people are full of shit" and is an acronym for same. First attributed to Tommy Sotomayor from a T-shirt he created.
He acts a total fool because most PAFOS.
by Gloria2020 November 08, 2019
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