pack●et●mon●key, pak-it-mungh-kee, noun, plural: pack●et●mon●keys, verb, pack●et●mon●keyed, pack●et●mon●keying.

a person (typically young) devoid of hacking skills who copies code and techniques from adept hackers and wrongfully boasts about their awesomeness.

to be hacked and told about it by the attacking packet-monkey who generally calls you and your mother names while associating himself with your mother in an erotic fashion.
Guy 1: "Hey man, how would I go about hacking into my girlfriends Facebook account?"
Guy 2: "Umm, don't be such a packet-monkey?"
Guy 1: "What da fuck you just call me!?"
Guy 2: "Oh, no, no, I said 'packet-monkey.' It's a term for hackers that suck."
Guy 1: "Say that shit again you'll be missin' teeth.

Guy 2: "God DAMN IT! This fucking packet-monkey won't stop messaging me about my mom..."

*Guy 1 punches Guy 2 in the teeth*

Guy 1: "WHAT I SAY, BITCH!?"
by Robiwon April 24, 2012
When your trans-male boyfriend is on his period.
My boyfriend Kai called me a ketchup packet because I am on my period lmao
by Erawr;) April 25, 2021
A discarded bloody tampon or pad
She lobbed her ketchup packet at me during a row, menstrual blood was everywhere
by wil Wheaton/not the real August 10, 2019
The mayonnaise packet is a sexual activity in which someone cream-pies someone and then proceeds to ground-pound their abdomen causing the "mayonnaise" to come out of the packet.
I did the mayonnaise packet with my partner! It was a very intimate experience!
by Squeem puncher August 7, 2021