a mexican beer with a light yellow color and a cool refreshing taste.
..pacificos are so relaxing...i could drink a 12 pack
by hypercube August 14, 2005
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an rp (roleplay) game on roblox with cars, jobs, and an update yesterday (march 4th 2022)
pacifico 2 is the best roblox game in the entire world lol in my opinion
by zenvio March 5, 2022
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Lord save us all.
Person 1: Hey have you met Pacifico?

Person 2. Lord save us all.
by ARIAISOK May 3, 2023
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A lovely boy Who lives in the southern Italy (Apulia)
Did you see Pacifico in the pub?
by Kate_03_28 November 21, 2021
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