short version of pill nane used in Albania
ooo po ky qeka p9
by ishtupra August 25, 2018
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Albanian word for mofugga.
p9= Pidh none
ohh, wow qfar p9 koka.
by p9Mafia October 20, 2020
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having oral sex with another person
1. daym I need sone p9
2. She slobbs the best p9
by 4C6 July 17, 2005
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I just got my new P9S.
by persio1 November 21, 2011
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P9 is a very commonly used word that is used to describe how long a male's penis. P9 is referred to as a very large Penis and 9 refers to the size 1 being the smallest 9 being the largest.
When I saw KJ and he showed me he's massive penis it was a P9 and it was the biggest I've ever seen.
by Kyliе Jennеr January 2, 2021
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when parents come above your shoulder to watch what r u doing on net/social n/w site.
hey, dude it P9/11
by MJ india January 8, 2009
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It is a group sex act where everyone is performing oral on one another in a continuos chain. It can also be referred to as chain 69 (69 doesn't make a chain though). The anatomy lines up if you p9 in a chain.

Let's all chain p9 each other.
by Dick bomb July 29, 2014
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