Go On her site ans see her P.I.C it's showwa
by Esther342 June 17, 2007
partners in crime(P.I.C)
a gang from north toledo creators: ciphur bohdi
colors: silver/black
colored tees
by KingMalek October 26, 2007
Stands for "Partner in Crime."

A P.I.C. is a female-friend to a man, or male-friend to a woman. The essential quality of a PIC or P.I.C is that there is no association or interest between the couple other than friendship.
"Hey, I have an extra ticket to this concert. My wife can't make it and I need a P.I.C."

"I let Jake hang out with Susan, she's his PIC. But I wouldn't let Samantha near him in a second unless I was there."
by CashReno May 19, 2010
P.I.C or Pic stands for Pig in clothes and is a person who is such a fat mess they should be thrown onto a farm where they belong!!
Alright Dawson, look at the state of that P.I.C over there!!!
by Roderz July 3, 2012
Her: I see you lookin’ at my P.I.C

Him: Maybe ;)
by yeet;) August 29, 2022
Pilot In Command (Aviation) An acronym used to describe 'The Boss', 'God', 'Sex God' or 'He Who Must Be Obeyed' (AKA The Pilot)
Who's the P.I.C. ?
Me, now shut the fuck up and get on with flying the plane so I can fuck the Flight Attendants ;)
by pilotjack February 4, 2011