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The aura surrounding an individual during the state when drunkenness and drugs meet to form a potent new and psychotic manifestation of the Id.
Mike is running through the streets drunk, naked, and high screaming the Gospel after having gotten into 2 barfights. His friends detect his presence several blocks away through ozzmosis. They find him and encourage him to play beer pong with them.
by oz November 07, 2003
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The title of an Ozzy Osbourne album made in 1995, an obvious pun of "osmosis". This came out a mere two or three years after Ozzy had his "absolute final tour" and announced he was going to retire. Many fans felt that Ozzmosis was his worst album, until the release of the next one, "Down to Earth", in 2001 (yes, a full 6 years later). "Ozzmosis" and "No More Tears" (1992) were Ozzy's only albums of new material released in the 1990s.
Ozzmosis features bassist Geezer Butler, who always handled writing the lyrics in Black Sabbath anyway.
by Bill M. July 28, 2004
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