chill, relaxed, someone who is easy to talk too
yo she’s so down to earth
by whine January 1, 2020
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In the context of non-Astronaut Earth-dwellers, this is a quality which refers to someone who is grounded without being in trouble. They have no choice but to consume and trust the information received from their senses. They attempt to understand what you're attempting to communicate and attempt to assure you that they are able to & capable of attempting to make sense of it. In contrast, those who hail from planetary bodies other than Earth, yet exhibit the same qualities, are often regarded as "alien".
That girl was out of this world! Good sense of humor; pretty smile. So down to Earth..
by KeenG April 14, 2019
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A female who is often on her knees and can be identified by the dirt stains on the Knees of her TNA pants.
Ryan: Alexandra is so Down to Earth man. You wouldn't believe

Kyle: Oh yea?

Ryan: Yeah, i heard she's been with half the senior basketball team.
by The real brotip December 15, 2011
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An grossly overused, idiotic phrase which technically means "one who has no imagination." The funny thing is, the type of people who generally assign this quality to themselves are the artsy-creative type. To many drugs will do that too you.

The quality users are trying to express is: genuine, real.
That guy is really "down to Earth..." oh he is huh? well thank god he is not "up on Mars."
by yea, uh no. November 27, 2006
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a song my ashton irwin that is so fucking amazing and if you don't agree then stfu.
"Dude did you hear Down to Earth"
"Oh yea it's so good it's by Ashton Irwin right?"
by ashtoncallmenow April 7, 2021
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Even if a planet can be named after you, you should always remain down to earth.
by Potsiso_M March 1, 2016
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