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Someone who performes an outrageous act with a lack of knowledge of social boundaries and personal space.
That's way to close to my balls, stop being so ozy.
by SuperFactMan May 18, 2011
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A nickname for Brittney Britt or Ozzy Osbourne . Ozys are some of the most badass people on the face of the Earth. Always fun to be around, Ozy's are strong, vivacious, intimidating, and really freakin cute. Though Ozys are generally loved by all, they may not realize just how great they are. Incredibly loyal, Ozys will always be there for their friends and will never let someone be alone. At rare times, Ozys can be shy, doubtful, and lonely, so it's important for those that care for Ozys to always let them know that there are people who want to make them happy if given the chance.
Wow, the girl sure loves dogs and can bake! She's a real Ozy
by SquirrelyD May 23, 2011
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