Los Angeles rock group; alternative power pop similar to Weezer,
The Rentals, Nada Surf, The Cars. Kung Fu Records.
Is Ozma playing tonight? I totally could marry Star Wick...
by Tempy April 22, 2004
Princess of Oz (the Wizard of Oz, Return to Oz, Ozma of Oz) in popular series of books by L. Frank Baum.
Dorothy and Billina, a talking Yellow Hen, help Princess Ozma rescue the royal family of Ev from the evil King of the Nomes.
by Zag March 3, 2004
The final boss on an RPG named "Final Fantasy 9". Has awesomely high stats and spoils.
I killed Ozma and reigned supreme ?
by larstait October 10, 2003
Honestly the best person you’ll ever meet. Ozma is amazing. Her future husband doesn’t even deserve her. She already wants a divorce
Just so you know Ozma you’re pretty much the most amazing person I’ve met
by Ammmmmmzzzzz May 11, 2020