fish you is used when you don't want to swear or if your arround little kids, insted of f**k you or other swear words. you can also say 'fish off', 'your a stupid fish' ect
fish you!!!
by smokeykit April 07, 2011
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Are you fishing? Meaning looking for some or hinting that you want a complement. Fishing for someone to say something nice about you
-"my legs look so fat"
-"are you fishing? You're so thin."
by Jill Fill December 07, 2016
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Gusset Granules are designed to disperse the odour of haddock in a ladies love equipment.
My girl was sat on the sofa watching TV and every so often a haddock pong wafted in to my line of smell. I immediately put her in the bath and drove to the closest pharmacy selling the much needed Gusset Granules (for the fish in you!).
by WIGTIT March 06, 2011
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