opposite to the term 'refrigerate', ovenate means to put something in the oven. Instead of saying, "Put it in the oven", you can say, "Ovenate it."
"Ovenate that pizza for 20 mins, bro."

"Where's the meat loaf??" "It's in the ovenator dewd!"

"My fish sticks are straight burnt fool!" "Sorry dewd, I ovenated that shit for too long."
by Too Clever April 18, 2010
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slang: location of baby in a pregnant woman.
Susan has one in the oven. Molly is baking twins in the oven.
by courtney December 29, 2004
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when referring to a woman being pregnant... the oven is her utreus
"She's got a bun in the oven"
"Oh my god! Is she really PG?"
"When is she due?"
by natalie January 2, 2004
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used in the context of "she's got one in the oven." implying that a woman is pregnant.
after sleeping with joe, she realized that she might have one in the oven.
by blondie January 6, 2004
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a place where the selected object can grow, mature, come to fruition, finalize
1)she's got a bun in the oven (= she's pregnant)
2)they've got a bun in the oven (= they're an item and she's pregnant)
3)i've got a new application in the oven (=i'm working on some new software)
4)i've got a new project in the oven (=i'm working on a new project at the office, that is, in my day job)
by John R. December 31, 2004
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In the process of being cooked in the oven; getting very high
I was ovenating with my boys today, it is Friday, none of us had jobs, and we didn't have shit to do, so we got high as a kite.
by Purple_TRIBE_Tiger June 8, 2010
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Reheating something in the oven that doesn't require to be baked
I am ovening some rolls
by Ovener October 25, 2018
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