common missspelling of the rap group "outkast"
A: i got a outcast cd
B: its outkast you dyke
by jewsus April 19, 2005
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a person who ridicules everyone around them often dressing in black clothing and repeating the phrase under their breath "god damn mother fuckers"
person 1: Yo, that dude over there is an outcast
Person 2: i know he never talk to nobody
outcast is reading a book under a tree in the middle of the park and dressed in black

outcast: god damn mother fuckers
by Daya December 04, 2003
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people that dont like to talk, they think of how they are gonna kill you. they dont need friends, why would they want a friend if they are going to kill them someday.
outcasts behead their teacher and his students with a dull knives.
by Executioner 0wNt? July 07, 2005
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Outcast is someone who has no one there for them.....GIRL/BOY don't be silly no ones a outcast because I'm here for everyone follow my instagram:lintonebony
Bitch: no one likes you your a outcast

Girl/Boy: Bitch i aint no out cast i have Ebony
by Potato Boii 💕 May 19, 2018
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The one person at school, that is ignored by everyone. Even at home by their families, and everyone usually takes out their anger, sadness, happiness, ... feelings and emotions on that one person. The one person that is rejected by society, constantly feels left out. And is constantly moving in and out of social groups and cliques because they can't find one that they fit into. They can't find one they fit into because they fit into none of them, they or the old one out. The one person that feels like it's the world against them and that know understands who they are, or what they go through. (I DO AND IT'S NOT FUN). It's not often that you see an outcast with a group of friends Orr even on, if the outcast does then it's usually someone really close.
"It is no wonder that he constantly preached about our welcome of the stranger and our compassion for the outcast."
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by Mardiya_Who? May 31, 2018
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