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Someone who doesn't label themself to any specific identity. They are often overlooked by the rest of the world and usually don't 'fit in' with the rest of the scene. They are also commonly used by what friends they think they have, as the outcast being a nice person and all.

Outcasts have a harder time fitting in or finding friends as their interests are probably not what's mainstream and popular. Afterall, if everyone was all interested in the same thing (which most are) the world would be a boring place. A good example would be someone who is a roller coaster enthusiast in school, where no one else gives 2 hoots about that subject matter.

It is common that an outcast only hangs out by their friends if the friends have nothing else to do...and use the outcast as a last resort.
Outcast's friends: Hey, let's call up Bob as none of the rest of our friends could go to the movies.
by angrygumball August 29, 2008

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The necessary part of life as a teenager in school or anywhere really...if you don't label yourself to fit in with a particular group of people, then no one really gives 2 hoots about you. After high school, you then realize what you have done with yourself. Often, those who label themselves deny the fact that they are trying to represent a certain image. It is common that music determines who you are.

It is also the paper/plastic wrap on a bottle, or any other product.
*scene kid walks by*

Hey, what do they call that hair style you have?

Scene kid: Uh...I dunno

What do you consider yourself, your style?

Scene kid: I don't label myself

*walks off in his skinny jeans, bandana hanging out of pocket etc...into the rest of the crowd of scene kids*

The label's peeling off of the water bottle.
by angrygumball August 29, 2008

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