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For centuries social war has been carried out between the 2 extremes of the social hierarchy: The Socialites and The Outcasts. Generation after generation of outcasts unite and with time disband to fight against the evil forces of the socialites. The Outcasts are a peaceful species unless provoked by the pillows of the year 10 year olds. In such an event they will unite and fight using their own individual weapons; ranging from queerness to gravitational effects. The Outcasts were first united around the sacred bean bag, which to this day represents everything that the species stands, or rather, sits for. Nothing endangers them more than when this treasured gem of their culture is threatened by the evil forces of the socialites or the Year 10 year olds. Despite their generally passive nature the Outcasts often team up on the species weakest link as a form of entertainment; usually consisting of constant mockery or exclusion. Researchers and Socialites alike cannot decipher the reasoning behind this, some experts believe that it is because the Outcasts evolved from another species, termed The RAT. The Outcasts exhibit many peculiar habits, including the declaration of "OUTCASTS..UNITE!" at times of victory or before running into a battle. They are also known for their unusual language, including phrases like "oreos" "neutrino" and others. Careful study of the species shows that their slogan is "United we fall;” also used as a battle cry or in times of victory for the species.
The Outcasts casually lounging on bean bag, playing nyan cat and mocking each other
when suddenly, a wild pillow appears! Outcasts have been attacked by the Year 10 year olds! Leaping into battle they join hands and declare "OUTCASTS UNITE!" while running into battle various cries of "OUTCASTS UNITE" and "UNITED WE FALL!" can be heard.
by The Outcasts February 24, 2012
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