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when something happens randomly and unexpected
and out of the blue, he kissed me
by lizbit July 25, 2005
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*Not anticipated
*In a way that was not expected
*not anticipated, unanticipated and disconcerting lines of development
He brokes up with her out of the blue
by fampar_ July 01, 2011
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Double Album by the Electric Light Orchestra recorded in 1977.Arguably their greatest album and featured amazing album art of their famous Spaceship logo.The album was promoted with a two year world tour featuring a huge flyng saucer shaped stage and laser effects,pretty Cool stuff for the time.
Out of the Blue is now the biggest selling second hand LP Record
by Musiclover July 20, 2006
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When the amount of fecal waste in a porta potty has risen out of the blue liquid. It is forming a mountain of unimaginable foulness. You gonna just add to the mound? Gonna look for a patch of woods? Stand in line for another potty that might be mounded higher? Hurry the fuck up. The line behind you is very impatient!
"Beware of that shitter, man."

"Is it that bad?"

"It's out of the blue. I'd head for the woods if I were you."

"Fuck it, man. I've waited this long. I'll just stack another block on the ole pyramid."
by steamingkoil August 28, 2018
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