1 definition by Tin and Trouble

Out of the ordinary; Super-duper awesome. It can be anything -- place, thing, food, person, creature, and event.
Have you been to Antelope Canyon? Man, that place is out of this world!

Dude, somebody built a car using a 3D printer. That's just out of this world!

You gotta try the cheese I bought. The flavor is out of this world!

I don't know how that guy can work three jobs and still have time for school, and volunteer for a good cause. He's just out of this world!

Hey, your dog's mopping the floor! Lol, and I didn't teach him how to do that. He's out of this world, isn't he?

A lady at the auction just paid $350,000 for a purse? Wow, that's out of this world!
by Tin and Trouble September 18, 2013
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