It's obviously @swifferoodoo! The one who ended benjy, the one who ended his payola gcs. Benjy is actually a f slur who act dumb for clouts, but Swifferoodoo resist his weird behaviour and chose the right path💛💛
Here we go again the King of organic getting kicked from payola gcs for nothing
Compounds that contain carbon and hydrogen
Examples of organic compounds include sugars, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.
by bluestinger66 November 8, 2022
Harvest your friend friend's organs day. You could do this without their permission. This day is on 24th December, so you could give your friend's organs to their family if you want!
Person A: Let me have your organs.
Person B: Why?
Person A: Because it's harvest your friend's organs day.
Person B: Fair.
by November 17, 2022
Any abortion caused by natural events, ie sitting in a hot spring while pregnant
Karen had an organic abortion, a tornado took her baby.
by LadyJoints May 25, 2019
An idiot who thinks himself to be something superior. Almost blind. Lives at his throne which is in the gutter. Very naive and acts like an obujbalika. Very obnoxious. cannot sing at all. thinks that he has abs but does not. Very stupid and likes to fall in trouble all the time. Has a different type of diet than other human beings. lives on demerits rather than food. Has amnesia and shows sign of it. Very weird...
by Jhakanaka jambura/ Jockey :) November 19, 2018
One who uses organizational tasks as an excuse for not hanging out with in-laws and friends.
Is your wife coming to the beach for Labor Day? No. She just came back from container store, so she’ll be working on arranging and sorting every item in our house this weekend. She’s an organizing avoider.
by Aceholes Live! September 3, 2022