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the art of chewing candy wrappers and spitting out folded shapes
putting a starburst wrapper in your mouth and spitting out a perfectly folded oralgami swan.
by johnodonovan March 08, 2008
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The act of performing oral sex on a woman of such high quality that she folds in upon herself.

When said aloud, this word must be exclaimed in a non-indoor voice.
Dude! I just heard the word ORALGAMI! shouted from that chicks room.
by Lewis C Nelson November 15, 2007
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The art of simultaneously folding and munching your food, mostly leggy awkward salad leaves, such that the immediate exterior of your mouth represents a leafy mash-up of modern art and spittle.
"So Janice, why was your date with Brian not very good?"
"He ordered the rocket and walnut salad, and performed exceptional oralgami on it by making a perfect replica of a duck's bill. Unfortunately a saliva covered nut came loose and that's just too far on a first date!"
"Oh no, that's like watching a car in a junkyard crusher with a screw loose!"
by al-co-hol July 20, 2013
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