When two men give oral pleasure to one man. It's not just one Robert, but two Roberts.
In our gay threesome last night, we totally gave him the oral roberts.
by sarah March 27, 2005
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famous evangalist who was tagged with this nickname at a gang bang
Oral Roberts, B.A., M.Div, LL.D., founder of Oral Roberts University, is recognized as one of the outstanding personalities of his generation.
by whoCares October 28, 2003
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Sorry, this one is not dirty. Oral Roberts is a college in Oklahoma. Oral Roberts is mentioned in the movie Club Dread as a sex joke though
I go to school at Oral Roberts and it is nothing like an anal johnson
by JOSH April 5, 2005
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Guy 1: yo dude lindsay gave me an increible oral roberts yesterday

Guy 2: oh man she gave you an oral roberts, what a dirty girl
by B/S April 13, 2006
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Performing oral sex on yourself
She is going to give a demonstration of oral roberts at halftime.
by Bstro December 13, 2003
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An act of oral pleasure given to a male (blowjob) wherein the person providing said pleasure is able to take the entire shaft (cock) into their mouth and/or throat while simultaneously licking the scrotum (balls). If the recipient ejaculates during the course of an Oral Roberts, the provider of said pleasure is rewarded with a high-five, and probably $100 or something.
I'm not normally into fatties, but Jodie pulled an Oral Roberts on me while we were in the Applebee's parking lot. I owe her $100 now.
by shogun_pluuto February 12, 2015
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A college, but more unformaly used in Omaha Nebraska as a meaning of a Blow job.
Man that bitch gave me a mean Oral Roberts!
by Hoodlum Productions March 11, 2008
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