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A group of furry enthusiasts who specialize in the writing of sexually explicit yaoi fanfics about Tay Zonday if he was an effeminate fox-man. Although fairly underground, the group gained some notoriety in 1998, when one of the members, on a trip to Asia, attempted to sodomize Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the wildly popular Mario video game series. The member in question is now a Japanese B-list celebrity, and a hentai manga has been written about the event. The manga, entitled 'OOPU Wa Okama Desu~ Kawaii Neko Loli Sir Kudolot Force Go!', has sold over 123.05 million copies.
Bob: "I just joined OOPU, check out my fursuit!"
Ryan: "Kawaii desu ne?"
by Xilba Adlberg April 04, 2008
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A ripoff of FMIE; rejected members who formed together to become what FMIE is, and failed miserably. Sadly, others have taken their example, and created moronic groups that no one else would ever join or care about.

OOPU: the overrated, dumber version of FMIE.
Dude, we're OOPU, way better than FMIE. XDDD
by Orc King February 14, 2008
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Like bill and teds bogus adventure, the average day in the life of Ryan and Sam
"dude did you hear about their Oopus day yesterday? Steve ended up in Stephanie's panties and they beat a goat at monopoly"
by Ding Chaveze August 14, 2011
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