Another word for marijuana. Used because of what smokers do after hitting some good marijuana
A smoker takes a puff and says "oooweee" dis sum good shit
by Eazy El May 19, 2008
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A term of used to describe the good feeling you have about something or if you are happy about a situation you are in. Or you can say it just for the fuck of it
Oooweee!! that was good fuckin blow
Oooweee! that girl is fine
Oooweee!! lets go swimmin with the dolphins and roll our balls off this weekend
Oooweee! ma fucka whats goin down
by Mohammed Al BOO BOO May 28, 2009
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an expression of being suprised or amazed..
"man are those the new jordans that came out? ooooweeeee"
by mrdynamikz April 16, 2007
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