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the best heavy metal song sung by the greatest heavy metal band in the world.
Open up your hate and let it flow into me!
by Jin Kazama February 21, 2005
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When you are into repeated usage of hardcore illegal narcotics. Ex.heroin, crack, coke.
by Douglas and Manuel November 19, 2002
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A way for guys to express how they feel about a woman's looks. Usually used to express really ugly women. Its kind of like saying they are really good at looking bad.
Guy 1 - Hey man you have to take one for the team tonight!

Guy 2 - You have to be crazy buddy, those chicks are down with the sickness!!!
by Gamesync November 17, 2008
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Probably the most overrated song by Disturbed, and for all the wrong reasons. Might be because of the "Oh wah ah ah ah!" being so prominent in Guitar Hero meme charts for Clone Hero, but I can't take this song seriously.

...Up until the interlude

!ESAM/Unpopular opinions incoming!

I fucking hate this interlude. I have never desired to hear what kind of shit goes on when a mother beats her child. I get that the band is called "Disturbed", but I'd much rather listen to ear rape than what sounds like a child being beaten senselessly by his mother, and then supposedly killing her. Too disgusting, and I'm so glad that Helvian memed it so much in his *EXTREME MEME VERSION* of this song in Clone Hero, so the only thing that I really take away from it is "Stupid Sadistic Abusive" being repeated and rearranged for about 2 minutes as the rest of the song plays out
Guy 1: Down with the Sickness is the best Disturbed song ever! Nothing can top it

Guy 2: Really? That song was destroyed by that horrifying interlude. I more so prefer Stricken
by ZSSMain April 23, 2018
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