dude, that girl is such an oolie. I think I'm gonna hit on her.
by omket January 14, 2010
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A smelly fish scent that natives buy per the gallon. It makes them smell like they have not showered in months. It is harvested at a brewery, the most famous one being Spratt and Kirk Ooli Corp. Located in Canada.
"Man I just bought a 5 Gal of Ooli from Spratt and Kirk".
by Aidon January 31, 2006
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an idiotic marketing ploy intended for idiotic email spam readers who will jump at the opportunity for VJJAGRA && CJAL_IS 4 CH.EEP!!
spam email can suck my mayonnaise launcher.

um...oolie vjjagra!!?
by wankular device August 5, 2006
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A word created by a Taylor. A very annoying word used in place of something like "I promise".
-Hey, we have a monster test next period with like 50 questions!
--No way! I don't believe you!
-Dude, True-ly-ooly
--Aw man, I didn't study!
by Kay007 December 16, 2008
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