A bald guy who can kill you in one punch
*The One Punch Man intro "The Hero" of JAM Project sounds in the backround*
by Nyckboy April 3, 2016
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Is defined One Punch Man a Hero for Fun who is called "Saitama". He can defeat every single foe with a punch. Just one. Not more. Nothing else. Just one fucking punch.
Has the new One Punch Man episode been released?

by OneFuckMan December 20, 2015
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A manga that, despite being out since 2009, is only becoming popular now. Like, REALLY popular.
I'm gonna read some one punch man!
by M'Definition December 15, 2015
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The name of a popular anime for nerds. They usually love it because they want to be like one punch man, but really, they aren't.
"Hey, I'm training 100 pushups so I can be like one punch man!"

"But you do know that won't make you strong?!"
by Asdjlkslkdjgsflkjdfh January 21, 2016
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The coolest hero ever!!!!
One Punch Man can kill anybody with only One Punch! check out the anime
by ₩¥°¿¡ February 19, 2016
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A bald guy named Saitama, who is a hero for fun and he can technically kill people, aliens or whatever he's fighting with - like the car alien- with one punch. He has a "student" named Genos and he's a cyborg, they applied for the hero association and their names are "Bald Cape" and "Demon Cyborg"

It's a very awesome, lit, funny anime so you should watch it.
How to be One Punch Man 101:
"100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 10 km run EVERY DAY
by TheDicer44 May 29, 2019
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A bald boi who can fucking kill anyone and anything in one punch. He's so powerful in fact, that there's never a single moment when he's at his limit or uses his full power.
Hey dude did you see One Punch Man the other day?

Hell yeah it's freaking awesome. I wonder when there will actually be an enemy strong enough for One Punch Man to actually have to try to defeat.
by TheAngryNerd May 2, 2019
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