An annoying term used by annoying teenagers (see middleschoolers) meant to be "on point".
Jill: Look, today my eyebrows are on fleek!
Andrew: Oh, shut up.
by wiubundobuntuos April 3, 2015
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A silly word used by frivolous teens to mean any number of things, including phrases that already have definitions like "on point".
You're so fleekin' aweseome.

Your hair is very fleek today.
by IknowBetter December 6, 2014
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A neologism that means "On Point", but needs to never be used in any language ever.
Annoying Teen: "My eyebrows on Fleek!"
Everybody Else: "What? Stop... Just, no." *Facepalm*
by TheFirstBorn_Unicorn February 11, 2015
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To shit on ones education and pull shit out of their ass and call them words.
by ShadowMosesOG February 6, 2015
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A mixture of the words fart and gleek - used to signify a fart that squirts a little, or a fart that splashes a few drops of moisture on your underwear.
"Dude, I just fleeked. I gotta go wipe."
by ziggy zantana March 23, 2015
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The wrinkly ridge that bisects the two halves of the ball sack.
When it's cold out my fleek is tight.
by Edgar Allan's Poo September 30, 2015
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