The action of visiting stores with your friends, trying on the most ridiculous looking apparel on, then getting a random stranger to take a picture of you rocking them sexy pieces like the super models you are.
Jason: "Bruh, do you even fleek?"

Sabrina: "Are you high?"

Jason: "Nah check it. I went fleeking last week and got these hawt pictures."

Sabrina: "Bruuuh, those pics are on fleek. πŸ‘Œ"
by Fleeks4days January 19, 2015
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(V.) The act of being "on fleek". Doing something on point. Fleek on point
"Yo, you see Kanyes show last night?"

" Yeah man, he was fleeking harder than a mo#%&! Fu&$@#"
by Yas0115 December 09, 2014
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