a word you add at the end of someone’s name or nickname to signify power and dignity
(name) olsen is such a great guy
by big_sketson April 28, 2021
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Disgusting little twins who are pure evil. Though they are rich, the will never be like me, the richest man in the world! Ha ha ha! You fail!
Thought the Olsen twins are rich from their product line of female articles and items, they will never compare to the high technological advancements of Windows!
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Starving yourself like Mary Kate.
I'm olsening this week so I can fit into my thin pants.
by Chad Nads July 25, 2006
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Usually used to describe Germans who are very proud of losing the war, also a homosexual term when speaking to these men, also bad at fortnite
Man I always have to carry that Olsen
by Lolahsb March 6, 2018
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An act involving a pair of identical twins (the dirtier and more drug infested the better, for best results, the pair cannot weigh over 200lbs combined). Start by having anal sex with the first twin, you pull out and immediately begin anal sex with the twin sister. Finish off by climaxing in their eyes and post the hidden video of the feat online for everyone to see.
Did you hear that Johns girlfriend has a twin sister? When they were all high on coke he gave them The Olsen
by ShadowGLI August 26, 2007
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Originally meaning one of the Olsen Twins, this has come to be descriptive of any jailbait. Someone under the age of consent who you would love to bone silly.
by josh February 19, 2003
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Olsen is everyone’s favorite person. If you meet an Olsen in your life he will be your best friend. He knows the right words to say when your sad and always lifts you up. He will always have your back and make you smile when you need it. He will never forget you, so you better not forget him. He is the detention of positivity.
I wish I had a friend like Olsen in my life right now☺️
by Winner123edc March 31, 2021
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