Home of Levi Schmitmeyer and the national weather center.
Weatherman Levi naps hard and studies hard at Oklahoma University
by Jendowowmene March 16, 2017
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A college located in Stillwater, Oklahoma; Known for there great wrestling program which holds 34 national championship. OSU is also good at basketball and they are improving greatly in football. They are part of one of the best conferences known as the Big 12.
Oklahoma State University dominated in the Big 12 tournament last week.
by Jonny McNamara March 27, 2007
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A magical place filled with loads of beer and a variety of drugs, all for your taking as long as you pay about 10K and have a high enough ACT score, which is not difficult.
Jackie: I SO got into OSU!
Crystal: Dude, you're going to end up in rehab now.
Jackie: What for?
Crystal: Everyone knows that all Oklahoma State University kids do is drink and snort coke!
by morphineline December 31, 2008
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A college in Shitwater Oklahoma. This excuse for a university is home to people who didn’t get into OU and thought it’d be fun to act country for four years and also those who got in for free because their ACT score started with a 2. Everyone here is always heavily intoxicated to numb the pain of getting shat on by OU all the time, maybe that’s why they have no dignity and never openly admit they go to OSU.
Alex: Fuck I just got a 68 on my English final!
Mark: Well shit atleast that’s better than Oklahoma state university’s graduation rate.
by Icetrain47 January 27, 2021
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THE University in the State of Oklahoma that doesn't have a bandwagon for its fans.
Im a "bleed orange" fan of Oklahoma State University ... unlike the "gooners", we don't jump a bandwagon!
by OklahomaAmazon81 October 5, 2019
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The second place college in Oklahoma. It has low standards for acceptance and boasts an impressive Agriculture and Veterinary program. It is where people that do not get into OU attend.
Person A: I got into Oklahoma State University!

Person B: Who hasn't...?
by Regretful OSU Alumni April 28, 2011
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1. A University in the middle of nowhere.
2. Location of a great music department, specifically music education.
3. Home of the BullDogs
SWOSU Owns you!
by SWOSUBulldogs January 24, 2004
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